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Traditional & Classic Tins

Product image 1Traditional & Classic Tins
Product image 2Traditional & Classic Tins
Product image 3Traditional & Classic Tins
Product image 4Traditional & Classic Tins
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Product image 6Traditional & Classic Tins
Product image 7Traditional & Classic Tins

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This tin is loaded with LOVE!

Popcorn tins are a timeless holiday gift and Pop's makes it even more timeless with the addition of our award winning popcorn! Choose between on of these two amazing fills.

TheTraditional fill uses our three most popular flavors (Original Kettle Corn, Caramel Kettle Corn & Yellow Cheddar). Usually mixed together in our Muskego Mix, you can enjoy them separate, or take the divider out and mix it up!

Pop's Classic fill uses our three favorites amongst locals (Original Kettle Corn, Caramel Kettle Corn & Coconut Oil & Sea Salt). The COSS makes this mix DAIRY FREE! If you want them together, grab a bag of the Mukwonago Mix.

If you're looking to switch up some of those options, don't worry, we've got and option for you to create an entirely CUSTOM Tin! Careful, this can get dangerous!

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