The Pop's Kettle Corn

Who's Pop's Kettle Corn!?

The Man, the Myth, the Lejund...our Crew

From Richard Knudsen to his son Mark, the Knudsen family has been popping probably the best popcorn in Wisconsin. Since 2009 when Pop's started this journey, no Knudsen ever thought it would become what has become today.

An Award Winning Popcorn Company in Wisconsin

The Foundation - Pop's laid the building blocks when he started everything in 2009. After being let go at the ripe age of 59 he had to reinvent his life. After evaluating his skills, he came up with the idea of popping kettle corn. Luckily for him, his beautiful wife, Terri, was not only German but a mother of three boys that ate a lot. With his social prowess and her ability to cook, they conjured up the recipe for the original kettle corn. It took them a couple attempts but ultimately came up with Affectionally known as "OG" around the shop.

For the next 7 years, Pop's would continue to delight tastebuds with his kettle corn at thousands of live events. Also during that period, Mom and Pop's opened two shops, the first in Wind Lake and another in Pewaukee, but found it to be too hectic and "retired" to Washington Island to live a bit slower and enjoy the island life. 

The Expansion - Shortly after their move up to Washington Island, southeast Wisconsin was left with a void, where were they going to get their kettle corn if Pop's was up north? Their youngest son Mark needed a little break from life and thought he'd give the popcorn industry a go. Entrusted with the OG recipe, he hit the ground running. Adding new flavors, taking on new events and wondering if he could make a Popcorn Shop work in Muskego. 

On December 2, 2016 Mark opened the doors to the public and he and his mother tried to keep up with the early demand that Christmas Season. After turning the Muskego store into a destination, there was an opportunity to revitalize a popcorn shop in Downtown Waukesha, which gave him the chance to open Pop's on Broadway on October 5, 2017, sadly we had to close that space down in 2020, but now have a space that is AMAZING at the Pop's MarketPlace in Muskego!

The Future - With that being said, If you've ever met Mark, you know he is already thinking about the next area he'd like to move to, maybe the next recipe they are working on, but no matter what you know he and his crew are here to stay and they are EXCITED and PASSIONATE about their popcorn!

It’s been an amazing journey so far and thank you for taking the time to read about it. We look forward to having you in the store, seeing you at an event or even ordering some corn to enjoy at your home! We're a proud small business and appreciate everyone that is a part of that. 

Cheers, The PKC Crew