Our goal is to help you hit YOUR GOAL!

Pop’s Kettle Corn is stoked to help you reach your goal and we’re serious about that. There are a many options out there for fundraising, but we’ll make choosing Pop’s easy, and you can rest easy knowing your supporters are getting the BEST popcorn in Wisconsin, probably the best popcorn ever! Check out the information below and let us know if you have any questions by sending us an email at

Here are the cliff notes of what we can offer...

$4 per bag and $15 per Tin!

  • We’re a small business that produces quality handmade popcorn, and we can offer at least $4 a bag. We can guarantee it! Tins are available as well, but they are going to be best during the Christmas Season. Drop us an email and let us know you’re interested and then we’ll set up a conversation and set up what flavors you’ll be selling and for how much. Depending on your choices, we’ll make sure your organization will get funds for what you need!

50/50 Split 

  • No matter how many bags you sell, we keep it simple with a 50/50 split! 50% of the sales goes back to you and your organization, the other 50% goes back to Pop's to cover our costs getting you set up for success. There is no limit to the amount sold so you're sure to find it fun and profitable! 

Pop’s Kettle Corn is a local favorite!

  • Pop’s has been popping live at hundreds of events in Southeastern Wisconsin since 2009, with two storefronts and other promotions around the Milwaukee area, popcorn lovers are getting our unforgettable taste and wanting more. We’ve got a ton of different flavors that you can choose from, it’ll help spark some excitement when you’re group is out selling!

Probably the Best Popcorn in the World.

  • We’ve got some amazing corn with great price points that will leave anyone that purchases from you appreciating they not only got a great product, but are also supporting a great group on a mission. Products around the $10-15 make purchasing multiple items for your customers easy and in turn helps your group!

Simple and Transparent.

  • We’re all about making things simple for you and for us. We’ll make sure that you’re getting our top sellers and a couple extra you choose, then we’ll turn you loose! We’ll be there start to finish and if anything comes up between. Contact us anytime and we’ll be happy to help

Easy Steps to get your FUNDRAISER started!

Let’s make clear start and end dates. 

  • 5 weeks timetable: Long enough time to run your fundraiser from beginning to the end.

    • Week 1-3: Rally the Troops and Sell some Corn!

      • This can be cut down and sometimes works better.

      • You’ll be the best judge of that as you know your group better than we do.

    • Week 2: Give them a little boost!

      • Bring them back in near the end of week 2, beginning of week 3 and give them a bit of a pep talk! Maybe lay out a challenge.

    • Week 4: Gather the orders and send them in!

      • You’ll gather all the orders, make the final tally, send us everything, and we’ll take it over from there. 

      • Once we get the order, we’ll send you an invoice for the popcorn (this must be paid before delivery), schedule a drop-off or pick-up and hopefully we’ll be dropping off that bonus check.

We’ll need some information from you. 

  • How many people does your team consist of? We’ll send you a PDF that you can print out and give to your team, that way you can always print off some more if you need to!
  • Organization Information. Please be sure to prepare your organization’s tax exempt ID number and tax exemption form. Once you receive the email containing the PDF ORDER FORM, we ask you to forward us your 501(c) documentation.

Collect the order forms on the predetermined date and calculate the total number of units sold. It is important to double-check the number so the correct amount of popcorn can be ordered. The total amount collected, minus the cost of the popcorn and the price of shipping (if applicable), is the profit your organization will have made with this fundraiser.

Submit one order for the entire organization to using the Fundraising Order Form, or place your order by giving us a phone call. Payment can only be paid via check and must be paid in full before the popcorn is delivered. Please, don’t hesitate giving us a call if you have any questions!

  • Please make checks payable to: MAK Ventures, LLC

Hold a popcorn pickup day or distribute popcorn to volunteers so they can distribute it themselves. For larger orders, multiple volunteers may be needed for sorting.


We are always changing things up and would appreciate any feedback you may have in terms of this document, our service or anything else we could improve on. Please note that the above information is subject to change.





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