Interested in hosting Pop's Kettle Corn?

We've got some great options and would love to talk with you about it! There are a ton of options that we can go over, but ultimately we'll have to connect via email and set up a time to chat.

Why choose us as a wholesaler?

  1. We make it easy. We'll take care of popping, packaging and labeling the best popcorn in Wisconsin. You have no mess, no injuries, just profit.

  2. We customize it. It doesn't matter when you're event is happening we've probably got a flavor for that season. Do you want your logo on the label, yup, we can do that too. When you're a wholesaler it's as much yours now as it is our, we want to make sure you're happy with it!
  3. We're kind of a big deal. We haven't been around as long as others, but we have been making quite the splash. People are getting to know are product and looking for places to get it.

FAQs for Wholesale Orders

  • Who is a typical wholesaler?
    • Concession Stands for ANY sport or activity.
    • Small Retail Stores
    • Boutique Stores
    • Beer & Liqour Stores
    • Large Retail Stores
    • Convenience Stores
  • What are my margins?
    • We do have a tiered system when it comes to our pricing. It will depend on how much you sell, but that is all discussed after you drop us an email and we connect for a meet and greet. FYI, samples are part of the meet and greet!
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